Lyrics of Classic Singing Calls

Some square dance singers are classics.  Some everyone knows and sings along with.  Some everyone knows of but cannot dance the figure.  Well, here are all the words, so you can both dance them and sing along.

Pickle Up a Doodle
One of the classic ``hard singers.''  Complex, fast circle choreography, with no 2x4 formations.  (time: 4:00)
Pussy Cat
Another classically hard singer, similar in style to ``Pickle Up a Doodle.''  (time: 3:40)
Running Bear
Often named with ``Pickle Up a Doodle'' and ``Pussy Cat'' as hard, but its trickiness is only because of arky positioning.  (time: 3:20)
More circle-based choreography.  Is this easier than the first two, or does it just get done at Tech Squares enough that everyone knows it?  Dennis Marsh does a particularly nice rendition.  (time: 4:20)
Summer Sounds
The ever-popular sing-along.  (time: 3:48)

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