"Summer Sounds" singing call

Sequence: Intro, Figure twice (heads), break, figure twice (sides), closer, 4 bar tag

Intro, Break, Closer:

Circle left, listen to the music of the carousel,
The ting a ling of the ice cream bell.*
Allemande left your corner, partners do sa do
Men star left once around you go
Do sa do your partner, your corner allemande
Come back and promenade around the land
Here come, summer sounds
Summer sounds I love


(Heads) star thru, pass thru, circle round the track
Head men break and make a line, go forward up and back
Pass thru, wheel and deal, centers star thru
Pass thru, cloverleaf, the new center two
Square thru 3/4, turn the corner by left
all the way round and promenade the set
Happy summer sounds
The summer sounds I love

*Alternate lines:
Listen to the paddle of a steam boat on a Sunday cruise
The sizzle of the hot dogs at a barbecue
The shrieking of the rollercoaster way up high
The whistles on the beach as a peach goes by
Join all your hands and circle left go dancin round the ring

[I've never heard a caller use any of these lines.  -Stephen]

Source: Copied from the record insert.

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