Pickle Up a Doodle singing call

Dance composed by Ruth Stillion, 1958.

Sequence: figure 4 times: twice with heads, twice with sides.


Allemande your corner, dosido your own I say,
With the corner do a star thru, 2 and 4 [1 and 3] a half sashay.
Now 1 and 3 [2's and 4's] cross trail, go all the way around the set,
[Designations refer to the men and their current, momentary partner.
Cross Trail Thru, Separate, walk around outside of set back to original position.]

Allemande your corner, grand right and left.

When that devil comes a-courtin',
He'll catch all eight, with a right hand half,
Back by the left, go once and a half.
Turn the corner by the right, make a wrong-way thar,
And ya' pickle up a doodle in the middle of the star.

Shoot that star, left allemande, gonna pass your partner by,
You box the gnat with the next one, and you swing 'er mighty high.
Walk all around that corner, turn a left hand round your girl,
Four ladies chain, chain the big, wide, wicked world.

Roll promenade a shady lady.
Gents roll back, but only one,
Promenade, you're gonna have a little fun.
It ain't no sin to swing and sway,
An' you pickle up a doodle in the middle of the day.


Catch All Eight: Facing dancers step to right hands and arm turn 1/2.  Drop hands, clap (own hands), U-turn back.  Continue as directed, here: left arm turn 1 1/2 times (to face corner).

Cross Trail Thru (no longer on MS or Plus lists): Pass Thru, Half Sashay.

When teaching, remind people this is a fast dance.  Keep your square small.  Do a real Dosido (no frills) at least until you are sure what you are doing.

There are places (such as after the Catch All Eight) where the caller starts singing the next move well ahead of you; don't be concerned.  There is enough time to do the move without rushing.

Right hand progression.

Source: Transcribed from the original recording of Dave Taylor calling.

Transcribed by Stephen Gildea.