This Old Riverboat singing call

By Johnny Davis, Erlanger, Kentucky.

Sequence: break, figure, figure, break, figure, figure, break.


Join hands, circle to the left, that riverboat's awaitin',
All aboard it's time to go.
[middle break: ... we're churnin' muddy water, Hold it steady as we go.
final break: ... we're sailin' up the river, Hold it steady as we go.]

Allemande left the corner girl, turn a right hand around your partner,
Men star left and turn it once around that town,
[middle break: ... turn it one time around]
You star promenade that girl around.
Girls step out and backtrack, same one a dosido and then you
Left allemande then, come home, promenade.
Ya promenade 'em, it's up the river we go.
Go forward eight and come on back.
[final break: Bow to your partner, corners, all, as up the river we go.]


Four ladies chain now, go straight across that river,
[2nd figure: ... we're dancin' on the levee,
3rd figure: ... that paddle wheel's a-turnin']

Chain 'em back and watch 'em go.
Now put the ladies back-to-back, men go round that outside track now.
Get back home, Do Paso.
Don't you hear that whistle blow?
Now corner box the gnat, then, you dosido an' then you
Left allemande new corner, come home, promenade.
Ya promenade 'er, it's up the river we go.
I see that riverboat, so ...

Teaching: Backtrack, put the ladies back-to-back, and Do Paso may give dancers trouble.

Backtrack: U-Turn Back, turning away from the center of the set, and walk around the outside of the set in the other direction.

Ladies Back-to-Back: Girls stand in a tight group in the center of the set looking out.

After doing a Box the Gnat with the corner, Dosido the same person.

Source: Transcribed from the original recording of Johnny Davis.

Transcribed by Stephen Gildea.